Monday, 10 September 2012

Wimbledon Radio Transmission

Radio Wimbledon is the administrator radio position to the yearly Wimbledon Championships at the AELTC in Wimbledon. Radio Wimbledon broadcasts live explanation from matches all around the ground as well as current updates of scores, results and news. 
The journalists are often description from the Crow's Nest or from other locations around the stadium. It plays fashionable music presented by the local travel news conditions reports and holds contests. The arousers are often joined by guests to talking about the tennis. Nick Bollettieri and Judy Murray take about the tennis as experts and guests every year. The Radio Wimbledon transmissions begin from Friday before the start of the Championship can be heard within a five-mile radius on 87.7 FM, and also online. 
It functions under a limited Service License and is debatably the most complicated RSL yearly in the UK. Sam Lloyd and Ali Barton are the most important presenters in the Radio transmission. Normally they work exchange four-hour shifts until the end of the last match of the day. Reporters and analyst include Nick Lestor, Rupert Bell, Nigel Bidmead, Guy Swindells, Gigi Salmon, Lucie Ahl, Nadine Towell and Helen Whitaker. In the current year’s Wimbledon Radio acquire a second low-power FM frequency within the grounds only of 96.3 FM for continuous Centre Court observations. A third Fm for coverage from No. 1 Court is on 97.8 FM starting from 2006. 
News bulletins using RDS are also broadcast every hour. Wimbledon Radio theme tune is called Purple and Green and has been used since 1996 when it was serene by a British Composer called Tony Cox. It has also been used in the past by the BBC Television reporting. Wimbledon Tickets are available at Sport Ticket Exchange. Tennis Tickets are on Sale at Sport Ticket Exchange.

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