Thursday, 30 August 2012

Wimbledon Championship Beginning

Wimbledon Championship is the main UK tennis tournament held annually at Wimbledon. Singles and doubles are admitting to the main events on the basis of their international rankings and performances at grass court events. 
In the men's and women’s singles 32 players have been given seeding 16 teams in the doubles events since the 2001 tournament. The committee will assess all applications for registration of the referee and determine which players can enter the tournament. The Commission may adopt, with or without a high enough ranking as a wild card Player Usually, wild cards are players who have performed well in previous tournaments, or to stimulate public interest in Wimbledon by participating. 
The only wild card to win the Gentlemen's individual champion Goran Ivanisevic 2001 in And a pair of players who had no claims over Nagorno-high mode, no wild cards may participate in the qualifying tournament held one week before Wimbledon at the Bank of England sports ground in Roehampton. The singles qualifying competitions for three stages of events, the same-sex doubles competitions last for only one round. There is no qualifying tournament for Mixed doubles. At most, it can progress to the semi-final singles qualifying tournament: John McEnroe 1977 in Men's Singles, Vladimir Voltchkov 2000 in men’s Singles, and Alexandra Stevenson 1999 in Women's Singles. 
The grounds open at 10.30am on every day. On the Centre Court, play starts at 1pm with exception of the final two days of the competition men’s and Women's Finals. On courts 2-19, play begins at noon for at least the first eight days of the matches. It then starts at 11am for the junior matches on the middle Saturday and throughout the second week. Buy and Sell Wimbledon Tickets from Sport Ticket Exchange. Sport Ticket Exchange provides the best sports Tickets and Specially Tennis Tickets.

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