Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wimbledon Championship Events Categories

Wimbledon Championship is the main UK tennis tournament held in Wimbledon United Kingdom. Wimbledon Championship having three major Catagories.

Main events
In the main events five main events are played which are men's Singles, Women’s Singles, men's Doubles, Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles events.

Junior events
In the junior events and teams and individual events are Played are Boys' and Girls' Singles, Boys' Doubles and Girls' Doubles.

 Invitation events
In the invitational events and individual and teams events are included which are men's Invitation Doubles, Senior Gentlemen's Invitation Doubles, Ladies' Invitation Doubles, Gentlemen's Wheelchair Doubles and Ladies' Wheelchair Doubles.
Match Events
Men's singles and doubles matches are best-of-five sets, all other events are best-of-three sets. A tiebreak game is played if the score reaches 6-6 in any set except the fifth (in a five-set match) or the third (in a three-set match), in which case a two-game lead is reached. 
All events are played in the elimination tournament with the exception of men's, women's and Senior Ladies' Invitation double, round robin tournaments. Until 1922 the winners of last year's competition byes into the final round of grants are played. This led to many winners retaining their titles for successive years, the rest, as they can, while their opponents were the first competition was held. From 1922, the last year's champions are required to play all the rounds, like other tournament competitors. Wimbledon Championship Tickets are On Sale at Sport Ticket Exchange. Buy and Sell Sports Tickets and Tennis Tickets at Sport Ticket Exchange.

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